Thursday, February 3, 2011

Syncing My Life

The baby's asleep and I'm clicking away, typing frantically to make myself feel as though I'm making good progress with the online portion of my to-do list. This week I set out to get ultra-organized and I think I'm doing an ok job so far. I made some updates to my site, finished hanging up photos in our still somewhat new Memphis home, made about ten lists & most importantly, synced all of my social networking sites! I'm really excited about the last one. Did I mention how awesome TweetDeck is? TweetDeck is pretty awesome. It's so nice to be able to combine & streamline my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts. I may be a little behind, but hey–better late than never, right? Plus, it ain't easy gettin' stuff done with a 1-year old running amok. In other more recent news, I'm doing a handbag giveaway for the month of February for all who sign up for updates. The winner will be chosen at random and gets a free bag (pics to come)!

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