Sunday, February 13, 2011

Inscrutable Memphis

Memphis has the most inconsistent weather. One day it's 55º and the next you have 5 inches of snow... which is then completely melted by the next day because it's so warm. Liam & I took advantage of the little bit-o-snow we got while it lasted and made ourselves a little friend.

Every now & then I come across an app that I just fall in love with. ShopShop is one of those apps. I really feel like I'm able to stay on top of things with this app. Plus it tames makes my listing addiction. I can make multiple color-coded lists, cross off, shake & boo ya! I'm makin' headway. Last week I crossed everything off one of my lists! It's one of those things you rarely see happen and then it happened to me, so I'm happy now and ready to begin this next week with a clean slate. I'm taking tomorrow off to spend the day with much awaited company in our 60º winter weather, but don't forget to join the mailing list for your chance to win a free texstyle bag! Enjoy your sun & snow :}

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