Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Week Gone Vegetarian: A Yummy, Hefty Veggie Wrap

Mushrooms are like the meat of vegetables. I hated them as a kid, but what did I know? If you are looking for a healthily robust wrap, Here it is. I don't usually measure things, so I apologize to those of you who need the exact amounts. I'll do my best w/measurements below... hopefully these photos will help? Also, it helps to wash all of your produce when you get home from the market, just makes life easier in the morning if you're making your lunch fresh that day. I don't always get around to doing this & end up scrambling to finish Ben's lunch with him peering over my shoulder arms crossed and foot-a-tappin'. 

• Makes 1 wrap •

2 oz. mushrooms, sliced (I used baby bella.. they were on sale)
1 ts olive oil (sometimes I just do cooking spray + a tad bit of water)
1/4 ts cumin
salt, black pepper to taste
lettuce and/or spinach
sliced cucumber
tomatoes (I used roma)
hummus (choose an interesting flavor for some pizzaz)
red onions
red + green bell peppers, sliced

1. Saute mushrooms in cooking spray/a little olive oil until mushrooms darken (about 4 min), adding water towards the end if needed. Season with cumin, salt & pepper.
2. Spread hummus over wrap. Place hot mushrooms on top of hummus, followed by remaining ingredients.
3. Wrap in saran & pack for lunch or devour right away (while it's still warm!). 

And your yummy, hefty veggie lunch wrap totals to ... a mere 162 calories! If you're counting ;).

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