Thursday, August 18, 2016

Expect the Unexpected

Sorry to keep you all "in the dark" on updates the past few days. There was a hurricane in Belize a couple weeks before my trip that took out a nearby line, hence no wi-fi. Nonetheless after 8hrs of travel, my travel companion Katie & I made it safely to Belize with all the supplies. One thing I noticed flying into Belize airport was the abundance of trees & greenery. My friend Nathalie, one of the house parents at Hopewell, greeted us at the airport & we squeezed all 8 pieces of luggage into her mini van :). She pointed out all the excess standing water from the hurricane a few weeks prior. When we got to Hopewell twenty-something kids greeted us at the van with lots of hellos and even more questions. While myriads of mosquitos also greeted us, we toured Hopewell: the boys' & girls' quarters, where  we would sleep, the garden, pig pen & the school room where we'd be sewing. I'm overwhelmed - with joy, excitement, gratitude, love, with the uncanny calm of feeling like I'm right where I should be... So many emotions. I've cried twice already. It will be a miracle if I don't lose it every day.

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