Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Obsessed With Food

All day long I think about food and all its yumminess. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love food & eating. It's where my mind goes when I daydream. A friend put me on to this site, foodgawker.com, where foodies post photos of their magical creations. Above are 1} Marcus Wareing's recipe for a Lavender-Scented Custard Tart by josieleesuska. Dude. Need I say more?, 2} Root Beer Cupcake by bhawley. RoOt beEr!! Say whaaat. I'd just really like to try this. I already love root beer so much, and 3} Wild Rice & Asparagus Salad by phoo-d. This just looks really good & refreshing to me. Plus, you gotta have something healthy in the mix, right?

I love to bake and create things in the kitchen (when I have the time) and this site is great inspiration. Since I've been trying my hand at gluten-free, tonight's excursion will be: gluten-free fruit cobbler (don't know which fruits yet; I'm thinkin peaches, apples & pears.. with possibly a few blueberries) served with a side of vanilla rice dream ice cream to go with.

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